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August 2013 Event

We look forward to seeing you at our next event of 2013 at the EPIC Centre in Central Christchurch!

Tuesday 6 August 2013 from 5:30pm at EPIC, 106 Manchester St, Christchurch.

Free for members, $20 on the door for non-members. 

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Phil de Joux - Director, Block Scope

Technical Stream: F# all the things

was a child math whiz, dirtbag climber, and bicycle messenger. His medical studies went asymptotic, and his eventual degree was in mathematical modeling. Like many kiwis, he left his native New Zealand islands to see a bit more of the world, and worked as a contracting software developer in England and France, financing a few long road trips rock climbing in the United States and Australia.

On return to New Zealand in 2003, he formed his company, Block Scope, named in allusion to the scoping rule, how contractors are hired for defined blocks of work, and for bouldering, a form of rock climbing where finding new problems involves scoping new lines on the rocks. He has used F# on commercial projects, analyzing time series data in the REPL, pulling in web services with type providers, and distributing messages with mailbox processors.

If F# is being sold as a niche language, it's being sold short. F# really can do all the things C# can, except perhaps to be generated by tooling wizards. Get your hands on default immutability, first class functions, algebraic data types and persistent data structures, with a compiler that knows your types, makes them generic and gets out of your way.


Speakers Panel - Successful Hiring

Business Stream: 

Dave Ffowcs Williams - Director, Blackbay (Facilitator)

Dave has been involved in the tech industry in Chch for the last 14 years and has a background in radio engineering. He was a founding director of the business that is now Blackbay.  He was one of the pioneers in the mobile and wireless space prior to 2G and packet based networks and help to develop and deliver the solutions for many of the major logistics and service business across ANZ and the UK. 

Having just moved back to Christchurch from the UK he is passionate about New Zealand and how we can further build knowledge based businesses that deliver jobs across a spectrum of skills.

Scott Noakes - CEO, Adscale Laboratories LTD

Adscale Laboratories Ltd is a Christchurch company established in 2007 to create the technology platform for Adscale GmbH, a leading European online advertising marketplace located in Germany. Today Adscale's marketplace reaches 47 million German internet users and delivers 300 million ad impressions per day.

An enthusiastic exponent of Agile methodologies and XP practices, Scott has helped grow Adscale from a greenfields startup in 2007 to its current development operation of 30 employees and 3 cross-functional Scrum teams. Prior to Adscale Scott was a Product Manager at Syft Technologies Ltd and before that spent 5 years as Technical Director of a U.K. based Telecommunications startup.

Heather Kinghorn - HR Manager, SLI Systems

Heather is a generalist in the human resources arena with nearly 25 years experience in organisational development, change management, policy formulation, training and development, recruitment, payrolls and strategic planning.

Jan Behrens - Product Development Director, Orion Health

Jan is a currently a Product Development Director with Orion Health. He looks after Orion's Christchurch Development Centre. Since coming 'of the boat'  from Germany some 6 years ago, Jan has worked in leadership roles for House of Travel, PayGlobal and now Orion Health. He has a background in logistics and software R&D. He is passionate about working with customers, growing & empowering teams, leading positive change, and Agile & Lean principles in general. Jan's favourite quote is Gandhi's; 'be the change you wish to see in the world'.


Steve Perdia - GM of Strategy and Planning, CDC

Additional Speaker:

Steve Perdia is the GM of Strategy and Planning for CDC, Christchurch’s economic development agency.  He has overseen the development of the Christchurch Economic Development Strategy (CEDS) bringing together a vision of growth for Christchurch until 2031 that is integrated with CERA’s Economic Recovery Plan.  He is now working on establishment of a Project Management Office in order to ensure implementation.

Prior to working for CDC Steve was Director of Planning & Development at Wintec (Waikato Institute of Technology).

In his spare time he is a music nut and loves the movies.  He likes football in all its guises, having arranged competitive tournaments in the Gap Filler football pitch and foosball in recent months!




Upcoming Events:

  • Garry Diack & Rodney Mackrell - Tait Communications
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